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Letra con la Pronunciación Fonética y Video Oficial de la canción: 23 de Mike WiLL Made-It con Miley Cyrus, Wiz Khalifa y Juicy J


[Wiz Khalifa:]
I’m so fresh man… Aym so fresh man
Y’all scared to do it how I do it… Yial eskerd tu duet jau ay duet

[Miley Cyrus:]
I’m in the club high on Purp with some shades on… Aym in da clab jai’ on Perp wuit som sheids oon
Tatted up, mini skirt with my J’s on… Tairedap, mini eskert wuit may Yeis oon
In the club high on Purp with some shades on
Tatted up, mini skirt with my J’s on

[Juicy J:]
J’s on my feet (you know it)… Yeys on may fiit (yiu nowet)
J’s on my feet (you know it)
J’s on my feet (you know it)
So get like me… So guet laik mi
J’s on my feet (you know it)
J’s on my feet (we trippin’)… Yeis on may fiit (wui tshripin’)
J’s on my feet (we trippin’)
So get like me

[Verse 1: Miley Cyrus]
I be in the club (the club)… Ay bi in da clab (da clab)
Standing on the couch (the couch)… Estandin’on da cauch (de cauch)
In them Wolf Greys (what)… In dem Wuulf Greys (wuat)
Like it’s my house (I’m home)… Laik its may jaus (Aym joum)
Drinking out the bottle… Drinkinaut de borel
I got no respect (ay)… Ay gat no rispekt (ay)
Looking like a model,… Luukin’ laik a moodel
Who just got a check (change)… Ju yast gat a chek (cheinch)
I back it up,… Ay bakirap
Cause I don’t give a fu$k (I don’t)… Coz ay dont guiv a faak (Ay dont)
If you a lame, that’s a shame… If yiu a leim, dats a sheim
You can’t hang with us (uh-uh)… Yiu ken jan’ wuiras (ja-ja)
I’m MC Hammer fly (fresh),… Aym Em-Ci Jamer flaa’ (fresh)
You can’t touch (nope)… Yiu ken totch (noup)
J’s so fly… Yei’ so fla
I should work at Flight Club… Ay shuu’ wuork a’ Flai’t Clab

[Bridge – Miley Cyrus:]
Put on my J’s and dance the whole night away… Put on may Yeis an’ danz de joul nai’t awuee’
I’m naughty by nature like I’m hip-hop hooray… Aym nory bay nei’sha laik aym jipapuurree’
My hands in the sky, I wave ‘em from side to side… May jands in de eskay, ay wueivem from said tu said
My feet on the floor, I’m ’bout to turn up now… May fiit on da flor, aym baut tu ternap nau


[Verse 2: Wiz Khalifa]
I be rockin’ J’s or… Ay bi rakin’ Yeis or
I be rockin’ Taylors… Ay bi rakin’ Teylors
I got lots of flavors,… Ay gat lats of fleivors
My kick game is major… May kik gueim is meiyor
More kicks than the players, call me up I’m scorin’… Mor kiks dan de pleyers, col mi ap ay escorrin’
Hit it like a free throw, tongue out like I’m Jordan… Jiret laik a frii tdrou, tong aut laik aym Yiorden
Miley, Miley, come swing the thing right by me… Maly, Maly, com suin’ de tin’ rai’t ba’ mi
Got a $oint if you wanna get $toned, got choppers if they wanna try me… Gat a yoint if yiu wuana guet estoun’, gat chapers if dey wuana tshray mi
Pro athlete I’m not no wannabe… Pro atdlit aym not no wuanabi
Waitress asked how many bottles? I said 23… Wueitshress ask’ jau meny borels? Ay sed tueny tdri



[Verse 3 – Juicy J]
I stay showin’ out, my kick game is a beast… Ay estey showuinaut, may kik gueim is a biist
I got thirty pair of J’s that ain’t even been released (you know it)… Ay gat tery peer of Yeys dat eint iven biin riiliis’ (yiu nowuet)
Flu game 12’s (ho), Space Jam 11’s (bit$h)… Flu gueim tuelvs (jo), Espeis Yam elevens (bit$h)
On the hypebeast sick, they gon’ need a paramedic (cash)… On de jayp-biist sik, dey goun’ niid a paramedic (cash)
Turn up, turn up, turn up, I get trippy, I stay live (hold it)… Terna’, terna’, ternap, ay guet tripy, ay estey laiv (jouldet)
All this purple in my cup, match them grape 5’s (we’re shipping)… Ol dis perpel in may cap, match dem greip faivs (weer shipin’)
I’m so high, I got three bit$hes that go bi (pu$$y)… Aym so ja’, ay gat tri bit$hes dat gou ba’ (pu$$y)
I’m so fly, I’m ge$$in’ head like a blowdryer… Aym so fla’, aym guet’n’ jeed laik a bloudray’r





Writer(s): Michael Williams, Pierre Ramon Slaughter, Cameron Thomaz, Jordan Houston
Copyright: Sounds From Eardrummers LLC, Universal Music Corp., BMG Platinum Songs, Suga Bear Recordz Publishing, T.N.T. Explosive Publishing, Warner-tamerlane Publishing Corp., WB Music Corp., Wiz Khalifa Publishing

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