Alesso & Anitta – Is That For Me-Pronunciación Letra Traducción

Alesso & Anitta – Is That For Me-Cómo se pronuncia en Inglés rápido y fácil

Alesso & Anitta Lyrics
“Is That For Me”

Is that for me?

Ooh, come a little bit closer
Come and get a little piece of mine, yeah
Let me take over
Nothing wrong with feeling right
I know, but be selfish
It’s getting late, look → CLICK AQUÍ PARA SEGUIR CANTANDO!...


Iggy Azalea-Anitta-Switch-Pronunciación Letra Traducción

Iggy Azalea-Anitta-Switch-Cursos de Inglés para Cantar con Pronunciación

Iggy Azalea Lyrics
(feat. Anitta)

[Iggy Azalea:]
It’s Iggy Iggs!
What you want
Look, look

Kick in the door, wavin’ the four fizzy
They already know they can’t fuck with Iggy
True’s cost more than the rent do, you know that
All black on when I come through, it’s Kodak→ CLICK AQUÍ PARA SEGUIR CANTANDO!...