Como aprender a Cantar en Inglés: The Power of Love de Celine Dion

Letras de Celine Dion – The Power of Love (El Poder del Amor)


The whispers in the morning… De wispers in de morning
Of lovers sleeping tight… Of lovers eslipin taigt
Are rolling like thunder now… Ar rowling laik dtunder naw
As I look in your eyes… As ay luk in yior ays

I hold on to your body… Ay jold on tu yior bary
And feel each move you make… And fil ich muv yiu meik
Your voice is warm and tender… Yior vois is warm and tender
A love that I could not forsake… A lov dat ay cud not forseik

[primer coro]
‘Cause I am your lady… Coz ay am yior leidy
And you are my man… And yiu ar may man
Whenever you reach for me… Wenever yiu rich for mi
I’ll do all that I can… Ail du ol dat ay can

Lost is how I’m feeling lying in your arms… Lost is jaw aim filin layin in yior arms
When the world outside’s too… Wen da world autsaids tu
Much to take… Mach tu meik
That all ends when I’m with you… Dat ol ends wen aim wuit yiu

Even though there may be times… Iven dtou der mey bi taims
It seems I’m far away… It sims aim far awey
Never wonder where I am… Never wonder wer ai am
‘Cause I am always by your side… Coz ai am olweys bay yior said

[repetir primer coro]

[segundo coro]
We’re heading for something… Wier jedin for somtin
Somewhere I’ve never been… Somwer aiv never bin
Sometimes I am frightened… Somtaims ai am fraigtend
But I’m ready to learn… Bat aim redy tu lern
Of the power of love… Of de pawer of lov

The sound of your heart beating… De saund of yior jart bitin
Made it clear… Meid it clier
Suddenly the feeling that I can’t go on… Sadenly de filin dat ay kent go on
Is light years away… Is laigt yiers awey

[repetir primer coro]

[repetir segundo coro]

Writer(s): Mary Susan Applegate, Huey Lewis, Kenny Gamble, John Victor Colla, Christopher John Hayes, Leon Huff, Jennifer Rush, Joe Simon, Candy de Rouge
Copyright: Cause And Effect Music, Warner-tamerlane Publishing Corp., Kinda Blue Music, Gaucho Music, Huey Lewis Music, GEMA, WB Music Corp.