Pronunciación Fonética Letra Video: Loyal Chris Brown Lil Wayne, Tyga

Pronunciación Fonética y Letra de la canción: Loyal Chris Brown Lil Wayne, Tyga

(feat. Lil Wayne, Tyga)

[Intro — Lil Wayne & Chris Brown:]
Young mula, baby (let me see)!… Youn Mula, beiby le mi sii
Ha ha, you thought it was over?… ja ja Yiu togt it was ouver?
(let me see)… le mi si

[Verse 1 — Lil Wayne:]
I wasn’t born last night… Ay wasent born last naigt
I know these ho$$ ain’t right… Ay now des jows eint raigt
But you was blowing up her phone last night… Bat yiu was blowin ap jer foun last naigt
But she ain’t have her ringer nor her ring on last night, oh… Bat shi eint jav jer ringer nor jer ring on last naigt, oh
Nigga, that’s that nerve… Niga, dats dat nerv
Why give a bitch your heart when she’d rather have a purse?… Way giv a betch yior jart wen shid rader jav a perz?
Why give a bitch an inch when she’d rather have nine?… Way giv a betch an inch wen shid rader jav nain?
You know how the game goes… Yiu now jaw de geim gows
She be mine by half time, I’m the shit, oh… Shi bi main bay jalf taim, aym da shiet , oh
Nigga, that’s that nerve… Niga, dats dat nerv
You all about her, and she all about hers… Yiu ol abaut jer, and shi ol abaut jers
Birdman Junior in this bit$h, no flamingos… Berdman Yiunior in dis betch, no flamingows
And I done did everything, but trust these ho$$… And ay don did evrytin, bat trat diz jows
(CB fuck with me!)… (CiBi fak wit mi!)

[Hook — Chris Brown:]
When A rich ni$$a want ya… Wen a rich niga want ya
And your ni$$a can’t do nothing for ya… And yior niga kent du notin for ya
These ho$$ ain’t loyal… Diz jows eint lowyal
These ho$$ ain’t loyal… Diz jows eint lowyal
Yeah, yeah, let me see… Yiea, yieah, let mi si

[Bridge — Chris Brown:]
[Verse 2: Chris Brown]
Just got rich… Yast gat rich
Took a broke ni$$a bitch… Tuk a browk niga betch
I can make a broke bit$h rich… Ay can meik a browk betch rich
But I don’t fu$k with broke bit$hes… Bat ay dont fak wit browk betches

Got a white girl with some fake titties… Gat a wait güerl wit som feik tiris
I took her to the Bay with me… Ay tuk jer tu de Bey wit mi
Eyes closed, smoking marijuana… Ays clousd, esmowkin marijuana
Rolling up that Bob Marley… Rowlin ap dat Bab Marly
I’m a rasta… Aym a rasta
She say she wanna do drugs,… Shi sey shi wana du drags
Smoke weed, get drunk… Esmok wiid, get drank
She wanna see a ni$$a trapped… Shi wana si a niga trapd
She wanna fu$k all the rappers… Shi wana fak ol de rapers

[Verse 3 — Chris Brown:]
Black girl with a big booty… Blak gúerl wit a big bury
If she a bad bit$h, let’s get to it right away… If shi a bad betch, lets get tu it raigt awey
We up in this club… Wi ap in dis clab
Bring me the bottles… Bring mi de borels
I know girl, that you came in this bi$$h with your man… Ay now guerl, dat yiu keim in dis bitch wit yior man
That’s a no no girl.. Datz a now no güerl
All this money in the air… Ol dis many in di eir
I wanna see you dance… Ay wana si yiu danz



[Verse 4 — Tyga:]
Uh… ja
Rich young nigga… ritch yion niga
Name got bigger and my change got bigger… neim gat biga en ma cheinch gat biga
So my chains got bigger… so ma cheins gat biga
Ferrari, Jaguar, switching four lanes… ferrarri yiaguar suitchin foor leins
With the top down screaming out, “Money ain’t a thing!”… wuit de tap daon eskriimin au many ein a tdin
Ha, me and CB in the bay with her… ja mi an cibi in da bey wuirer
I send her back home so you can lay with her… a sen er bak joom so yiu can ley wuirer
Okay, let’s talk about this ice that I’m carrying… okey lets tok bao dis ais deraam carriin
All these karats like I’m a fucking vegetarian… ol diis karrats laik ay a fakin veyetarrian
Shout-out Weezy F., keep a red bone wet… sharau wuizy ef kiip a red boun wuet
Rose Rolex, hoes on deck… rous ralecs jous on dek
She know I got a cheque… shi nou a gat a chek
Do it too good when she ride that dick… due tuu guud wuen shi raid dat dik
Man I wouldn’t trust that bitch… man ae wuden tshrast dat betch

[Verse 5 — Chris Brown:]
Come on, come on, girl… Com on, com on, güerl
Why you frontin’?… Way yiu frontin?
Baby show me something… Beiby show mi somtin
When I call her, she gon’ leave… Wen ay col jer, shi gon liv
And I bet that bottom dollar she gon’ cheat… And ay bet dat borom dola shi gon chit
Come on, come on, girl… Com on, com on, güerl
Why you frontin’?… Way yiu frontin?
Baby show me something… Beiby show mi somtin
You just spent your ring on her… Yiu yast espent yior ring on jer
And it’s all for nothing… And its ol for notin