Pronunciación y Letra: Paradise City de Guns n’ Roses

Letras/Lyrics de Guns n’ Roses

Letra con la Pronunciación Fonética y Video Oficial de la canción: Paradise City de Guns n’ Roses


[Chorus: x2]

Take me down… Teik mi daun

To the paradise city… Tu de paradais city
Where the grass is green… Wuer de grass is griin
And the girls are pretty… And de guerls ar priry

I want you please … Ay wuant yiu pliis
Take me home… Teik mi joum

Just a’ urchin… Yasta’ erchin
livin’ under the street… Livin’ ander de estriit
I’m a hard case… Am a-jard keis
that’s tough to beat… Dats tof tu biit
I’m your charity case… Aym yior charity keis
So buy me somethin’ to eat… So bay mi somtdin’ tu iit
I’ll pay you at another time… Ayl pey yiu at anoder taim
Take it to the end of the line… Teiket tu de end of de lain

Rags to riches or so they say… Ragz tu richez or so dey sey
You gotta-keep pushin’… Yiu gara-kiip pushin’
for the fortune and fame… For de fortiun and feim

You know it… Yiu nowet
It’s all a gamble… Its ol a gambel
When it’s just a game… Wuen its yast a gueim
You treat it like a capital crime… Yiu triret laik a capital craim
Everybody’s doin’ their time… Evrybarys duin’ deir taim


Strapped in the chair… Estrap’ in de cheir
of the city’s gas chamber… Of de citys gas cheimbeer
Why I’m here I can’t quite remember… Wuay aym jiir ay ken kuait rimemba’
The surgeon general says… De seryion yen’ral seys
it’s hazardous to breathe… Its jazarduos tu briitd
I’d have another cigarette… Ayd jav anoder cigarret
but I can’t see… Baray ken siiii
Tell me who you’re gonna believe… Tel mi ju yior gona biliv


So far away… So far awuey
So far away
So far away
So far away

Captain America’s been torn apart… Captein Amerricas biin torn apart
Now he’s a court jester… Naw jisa cor-yest’r
with a broken heart… Wuit a brouken jart
He said-… Ji sed
Turn me around and… Tern mi arraun’ and
take me back to the start… Teik mi bak tu de estart
I must be losin’ my mind-… Ay mast bi lusin’ may main’
“Are you blind?”… “Ar yiu blaind?”
I’ve seen it all a million times… Ayv siinerol a milion taimz


Writer(s): Izzy Stradlin, Steven Adler, Duff Rose Mc Kagan,
Copyright: Guns N’ Roses Music, Black Frog Music