Where is The Modern Investor? TMI Youtube personality

More than a week ago and after the disastrous Terra/Luna/UST debacle occurred our beloved Crypto specialist/entertainer/Youtuber TMI has disappear since then.

With a lot of research during these days of worryness for all his/her fans  we found out his possible name and location but until this moment we are not aware of what possibly had happened to TMI.

There are a ton of comments in his latest video stating things like:

  • What is happening? we all getting worried now?
  • Thanks for all the great insights and knowledge throughout these years. hope you are doing well and see you soon
  • Hope you doing well bro , missing you
  • Hope you are having some excellent adventure and recharging before coming back ❤️ Sending good vibes xx
  • Ok now I’m worried, anyone knows if TMI is ok?
  • Bruh the news i missed next episode is about to be WILD
  • You are a mentor and inspiring. Hope all is well, please come back and tell me what veve comics to buy this week 🙂
  • Where is TMI ????
  • Worried about you – please check in!
  • I remember you took a brief sabbatical a while ago when you were burning out. It is definitely a good time to be away from the news and the charts. Hope that’s all it is and everything is well. Seeeeeeee you.

Some of the comments are eerie and preffer not to disclose them here for respect of TMI and his family.


He is and we say it clearly and loudly! HE iS! remembered by his early diatribes and cliches, among them:

  • Seeeeee You!
  • His early hate for the Winklevoos brothers
  • The algo… rhythm…. LMFAO!!!

Please comment more of TMI eloquence below and pray for him to be ok and enjoying some deserved time in DUBAI!!!


Pretty soon we will disclose his name and location (to be continued)