Why does the ink on receipts dissapear lately?

Merchants try to play us dirty again


Have you noticed that the ink on receipts is of low quality and disappear after a few months? In AIC we try to explain why.

Once you purchase a product with a warranty, the consumer feels assured that in the event of regret or that the product is defective it can be returned and ask for a refund of all or at least some of the money invested. But unscrupulous merchants and stores are opting to give us receipts with poor quality paper and printed with an ink that just disappear so it won’t be visible in a mere 30 day period. This is not a made by mistake or an oversight, this is well thought in order that when the product fails, the consumer wouldn’t be able to return it for the simple reason that the receipt will be blank or semi-visible and as an obvious consequence, businesses and shops simply will not return any money.

4 Ways to protect ourselves against this new trick (cheap trick)

– Product registration by mail or warranty website: Most products are accompanied with forms and information on how to register. They know that with the excitement of the “new” product one always ends up forgetting to fill them up … and if they are filled, you forget sending them. Better do this as soon as we open the product or use the service.

– Make a copy of the receipt: The best way to protect us against the magical effect of invisible receipts.

– Scan your receipts: Once they become unreadable it is still possible to recover and resurrect them, simply by scanning them. Maybe it would take you a couple of tries, maybe adjusting the contrast but when it’s done right we finally get a glimpse of the amounts and information. We recommend getting a copy of that scanned page for the corresponding return.

– Buy Online: Cut the problem by the root and buy via internet, everything is recorded on each buyer’s account or personal online profile.



It is time that we take charge on issue like this one and use the information in our advantage and don’t let any of these giants get away with it. You can always contact your local consumer protection agency and the Better Business Bureau